It is indeed the cover of the first issue…

April 15, 2007

of Condé Nast Portfolio and here are the details courtesy of David Carey, group president and publishing director of the magazine. ‘This image is by fine art photographer Scott Peterman, who is best known for his megacities project, where he goes in by helicopter or shoots from rooftops. This one is entitled “Surge,” he took it from the Empire State Building. In some ways, it’s an homage to Bernice Abbott’s classic 1930 photographs — but with a modern twist. The cover serves as a commentary on the society we live in — it’s a little bit Gilded Age, a little bit cautionary tale. The cover flap runs on newsstand copies (200,000 single copies distributed at airports and bookstores starting this week) AND charter subscriber copies — who will also receive their copies by the end of the week. We like that we can get the cover image totally clean, and use the flap to educate the readers about what’s inside.” (see cover below)

One comment

  1. It’s a well rendered cover, and one that I would expect from my friends at Conde`Nast. It is effective and professional. Now all it needs is the traction of a pssionate readership. I have faith that this title can go the distance. Belly up to the bar, I’m buying the first round.

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