Going Bonkers? One issue at a time…

April 8, 2007

Back in 1998 Margaret Harold Roberts and Wendy Danforth launched Going Bonkers (ISSN 1067-1366) magazine from Palm Beach, Florida. The magazine was a wonderful collection of self-help, health and humor topics. Margaret and Wendy had hard time making a go from the self-help and funny magazine, so they changed it to a dog humor magazine. That did not work too. Well, now J. Carol Pereyra is editing a magazine with the same name and same theme. The tagline of the new Going Bonkers? (ISSN 1933-7752) magazine is “The self-help magazine with a sense of humor.” The new magazine (second issue shown above and is now on the newsstands) looks and feels like the 90s publication. I really do not know whether the new Katy, Texas Going Bonkers LLC is related to the first Going Bonkers folks or not, but I know one thing for sure the two magazines have in common: Problems getting advertising. So, rather than going bonkers the editors of the new magazines opted to go ad free with there second issue. They told the readers in an “Important Message to Our Readers” on the inside back cover of the magazine that they “chose not to accept paid advertisements” in this issue. They went on to say, “Most magazines depend on ad revenue to cover the high costs of production. We rely on the support of our subscribers. Future issues may contain paid ads — but for now — please enjoy this tranquil white page! Subscribe today. Thank you!” Well for the sake of staying sane, let us hope this “tranquil” space will help Going Bonkers? survive the madness of new magazines and their struggle to survive without any paid advertising…


  1. Is your magazine related to the one from Palm Beach, Florida. Does Wendy Danforth have anything to do with this publication?

  2. I loved Going Bonkers? of the past. If you are having trouble getting started, why don’t you have a subscribe button for the NEW Going Bonkers? I want you to send me a copy. Carol R. Kinman
    5320 Andrews Lane
    Camino CA 95709-9626
    (530) 644-7168 That’s how easy it is to make money 🙂 🙂

  3. […] to poke fun at the constant anxious thoughts of a nervous person while still legitimizing them. In a cruel twist of fate, this extremely niche magazine, realizing it didn’t have enough subsc…, leaving neurotic individuals floundering in gaslight, wondering if they were just imagining the […]

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