When Harry met Emma, Rupert and Daniel… or Technology Gone Wild

April 3, 2007

For years it used to be the TV Guide turf: Collectible covers of television series (including 35 different covers on Star Trek’s 35th anniversary), movies, NASCAR, etc. This week, it is Entertainment Weekly turn with multiple covers. Throughout its history, the magazine has done few multiple covers before, but this week’s showcasing of three “very young stars” of the new Harry Potter movie is yet another sign of “technology gone wild.” The mere fact that we can have multiple covers at a very low cost is no reason to start creating collectibles from non-collectibles. Every time I look at my real valuable collectible magazines, I can never see the word collectible on the cover. It should be a good give-away sign to readers that any magazine that screams collectible on the cover is definitely NOT. But just in case you want to prove me wrong and want to collect all three covers of this week’s issue of EW you can either search the newsstands like I did, or just call EW at 1-800-828-6882. One, two or three covers, EW remains one of the best over-all entertainment guides out there. It is worth every penny of the $3.50 cover price. Multiply that by three, well…that is a different story.

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