Jackie, JFK and now George…

April 3, 2007

Finally the whole Kennedy clan is reunited again… albeit in The Netherlands. Not only Jackie and JFK are well and alive in magazine formats in Holland, George is also well and alive there too. The second issue of George was just released with Senator Barack Obama on the cover. The magazine was started late last winter with Prime Minister Tony Blair on the cover of the first issue and an introductory letter by Richard Bradley who worked as an editor at the original George magazine that was started by John F. Kennedy, Jr., the son of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (Jackie). The magazine published from 1995 until Jan. 2005. It lasted 18 months after the tragic death of JFK jr. The Dutch publisher hopes that the Dutch George will fill a void in political magazines that the original magazine filled when it was published in the USA. In the words of Bradley, “Often, people will tell me how much they miss George. I respond that I miss it too, and that I wish there was another one like it. Now, I hope, there is.” Of course, Bradley’s intro is the only English in the magazine, the rest, needless to say is Dutch.


  1. please don’t take this offensive. my question is, I have all of John Johns magazines GEORGE do u have any idea how much they are worth in perfect condition. I also have a hand written thank you card from his uncle Ted for the sympathy card I hand written to Mr. T Kennedy expressing how hard and what a loss to him and all his family. They are not for sale just I was wondering. Thank u in advance

  2. I have every edition of George magazine and would never want to sell it or give it away.
    Ngoni Griffith

  3. He HATED being called John John.

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