Making “Russia” easier to Americans

March 31, 2007

A new magazine aimed “to satisfy the need in the West for balanced non-political reporting in respect to everyday issues of life in Russia – however big or humble – and the country’s place in a modern world,” is ready to hit the nation’s newsstands. Russia’s publisher Ilya Merenzon says that ‘Unlike existing magazines about Russia the magazine has the unique roster of contributors having brought together the ‘dream team’ including the pioneer Russian web-designer Artemy Lebedev, internationally acclaimed writer Boris Akunin, famed art critic and dissident Marat Guelman and others. Glossy Russia! is produced in collaboration with Andrew Paulson, the founder of Afisha Publishing House (Moscow, Russia) and one of the most successful western businessmen in the former Soviet Union.” The magazine will come out as a quarterly this year and shifts to monthly in 2008. With a tag-line “Since 882 A.D.” the magazine plans to fill a void in this category of the “world is flat.” Check out the first issue of Russia here.


One comment

  1. This is a great mag. Just subscribed. Recommend it highly.

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