Relish named Most Notable Launch of the Year 2006

March 30, 2007

2006 brought 901 new magazine launches to newsstands all across the country. While this number is a drop from the number of new titles launched in 2005, my staff and I did not have an easier time sifting through all the new magazines and deciding on the top launches of the year. From nation-wide launches to small, regional titles, this year’s crop was full of high-quality launches that could have easily made the cut. However, after the dust settled six magazines were left standing and one rose to the top as launch of the year. So without anymore waiting, we proudly announce the 2006 Most Notable Launch of the Year and the four runners up…
Relish means 1) to enjoy or take great pleasure in an experience, 2) to enjoy the taste of a particular food, and 3) to give a pleasing taste to food, for example by adding spice or relish. What appropriate definitions to describe the new cooking magazine, Relish. With Relish you have to dig in, prepare, bake and eat and enjoy. To read more about Relish and to find out about the four runners up and our inspirational launch of the year click here.

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