A new and growing world of custom publishing

March 28, 2007

Last Friday I attended the birth of a new community celebrating custom (or as they like to refer it in the UK) customer media. More than 20 representatives from across the globe attended the summit and decided to form the International Custom Publishing Forum (ICPF). The meeting was upbeat and lively. The information shared was more than great and beneficial and Sak van den Boom from The Netherlands was able to capture the day’s events in his blog that you can read here. Many thanks go to Patrick Fuller and Julia Hutchison from the UK’s Association of Publishing Agencies (APA) for organizing the event. For info on custom publishing in the USA check with the Custom Publishing Council (CPC) here.


One comment

  1. Dear Sir,

    Let me introduce myself: I am a senior business writer and editor with professional experience of over 15 years. I am based in Bangalore, India.

    I write to inquire the prospects of associating myself with your company as a writer/editor. In the “flat world” we live, it does not matter where one is located so long as one is equipped to deliver quality work — writing/editing in my case.

    In fact, I have been associated with the Sydney-based publishing company, Palamedia(www.palamedia.com.au) and the London-based publisher Roxby Media (www.roxby-media.com), as a writer/editor. More precisely, I had contributed a few articles for Palamedia’s forthcoming publication, “Australia-India Business”, and I have edited a special interest trade publication called “India-EU Business” for Roxby Media. Those are just two examples of custom publishing projects I have been associated with.

    I should hasten to add that my knowledge and expertise is not limited to editing or writing for publications with an India connection; I am quite comfortable editing publications that have no connection with this country.

    Apart from writing/editing articles or an entire publication, I have the experience and the expertise to develop content for various marketing collaterals, including web content, newsletters, case studies, brochures, and white papers.

    Please let me know if you believe we can progress this dialog. On hearing from you, I would be happy to send you my resume plus specimens of my work.

    With regards,
    N. Raghavan in Bangalore

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