The new Time magazine

March 16, 2007

Time new cover
Time magazine lost its newsweekly feel and put on a healthy glossy feel. Just received the first issue of the redesigned Time and felt the urge to write this blog before I even finish reading the issue. Hard to put down and lots to read over the weekend. The future of weekly magazines as we know it is here. A job very well done and a giant step toward how the newsweeklies are going to reinvent themselves and bring meaning and relevance to their content. There is no use in focusing on the future if we can not survive the present. Take a look at some sample pages from the redesigned Time…
Time’s new table of contents
New opening spread
New section designs


  1. […] Husni’s view: ‘The future of weekly magazines as we know it is here’. Read more. March 16, 2007 | In Magazines, Before and after | Permalink […]

  2. Hi guys, keep it up like your work and you inspire me as a fresh journalist with Uganda’s Independent paper the Daily Monitor.

  3. […] The very first entry on the Mr. Magazine™ blog in March 2007 was on Richard Stengel’s reinvention of TIME Magazine. Last Sunday, March 3, TIME celebrated its 90th anniversary. So, in honor of TIME’s anniversary and the Mr. Magazine™ blog’s sixth anniversary, I have opted to introduce a new quick v-blog entry called the Mr. Magazine™ Minute. The first entry, you’ve guessed it, is with Richard Stengel, TIME’s managing editor. I asked him about the next 90 years of TIME. His answer is in the following raw, unedited Mr. Magazine™ Minute: […]

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